About Us . . .

Nirvana Valley is a proud member of IPABRA (International Pedigree And Bloodline Research Association), AMAHA (American Model Arabian Horse Association), TABRB (The All Breeds Racing Board) and Founder of TASC (The AuSable Collection).

The main objective of Nirvana Valley is to spread the knowledge of the Model Horse world and the many wonderful people you meet. We strive to further educate the public about equine Pedigree Assignment, equine color genetics and correct conformation for the breeds that are represented here.

All horses at Nirvana Valley go through a thorough, close up inspection before they are assigned a pedigree and allowed to stand to the public. They are chosen based on mold confirmation, correct coloring for the breed that they are representing, flawlessness and crisp markings. This insures that we maintain the breed standards of the equines we represent and that they are the best that Nirvana Valley has to offer the public. Our mission is to create Champion model horse bloodlines (with a FOUNDATION of real horses) and to be able to show, sell and offer to Pedigree Assignment the horses that come from these bloodlines for generations to come.

We are a small farm, located in the beautiful state of Michigan. We focus mainly on custom stablemate/chips/AA models. We are not a high volume breeding farm. We have very high standards in what we are breeding for. There may on occasion be a foal to sell, but we believe that by selling the foals that are produced, that you are selling off your best genetics. We have quality horses from several breeds available for your consideration.

We offer a couple of different Breeding Package options for you to choose from. You are welcome to breed our stallions to your mares, your stallions to our mares, our mares or stallions to other breeders stallions or mares, or even choose both stallion and mare from Nirvana Valley. It is completely up to you!

So please, make sure you grab a cup of coffee, sit back, relax and enjoy your stay. It is constantly being added to, new horses are always arriving, and new breeding stock becoming available to the public.

Please take a moment to sign our Guest Book. We really enjoy knowing who stopped by and where they are from!

Thanks for stopping by and visiting, we hope to see you back again soon!