Breeding Policies

* All horses at Nirvana Valley go through a thorough, close up inspection before they are assigned a pedigree and allowed to stand to the public. They are chosen based on mold confirmation, correct coloring for the breed that they are representing, flawlessness and crisp markings. This insures that we maintain the breed standards of the equines we represent and that they are the best that Nirvana Valley has to offer the public. Our mission is to create Champion model horse bloodlines (with a FOUNDATION of real horses) and to be able to show, sell and offer to Pedigree Assignment the horses that come from these bloodlines for generations to come.

* We are a small farm, located in the beautiful state of Michigan. We focus mainly on custom stablemate/chips models. We are not a high volume breeding farm. We have very high standards in what we are breeding for. There may on occasion be a foal to sell, but we believe that by selling the foals that are produced, that you are selling off your best genetics. We have several quality horses available for your consideration.

* We offer a couple of different options for you to choose from. You are welcome to breed our stallions to your mares, your stallions to our mares, our mares or stallions to other breeders stallions or mares, or even choose both stallion and mare from Nirvana Valley Arabians. It is completely up to you! However, we will NOT allow real horses to be assigned.

* It is the breeder's prerogative and responsibility to choose complimentary stallions and mares for his/her breeding program, as the quality of the breeding stock plays a tremendous role in the resulting offspring. Ultimately what one aims for is to produce offspring that are better all-around than either parent. It is of vital importance, therefore, that all breeders-large and small-choose carefully for breeding complimentary horses, the best-to-the-best, taking into account conformation, disposition, color, traits, and pedigree.

* We would prefer to breed our horses to IPABRA*,  AMAHA* and/or EAMA* registered horses, but will consider all others.

* All our horses are aging, so we accept ONLY aging offspring.

* Whenever possible, all real live mares used as dams for Nirvana Valley Bloodstock are registered with the IPABRA Real Mare Registry. I try my hardest to have the birth years of my stock during years that the particular real mare had no foals, colts were gelded or foals that were stated as deceased. Though this is not always the case. Mares registered with the RMR have a rmr after their name.

Real Mare Registry - Due to the scarcity of real mare pedigrees easily available for pedigree assigners, IPABRA has created the Real Mare Registry to try and help avoid multiple duplications of foals born on the same date. This is a completely voluntary service, but IPABRA encourages members to use the RMR to help make their own lists more realistic. More information on the IPABRA real mare registries are available at:

* Our chestnut Arabian mares are ONLY available to Arabian, Saddlebred and NSH (National Show Horse). First consideration will go to chestnut and chestnut sabino stallions of Phara, Crabbet or Straight Egyptain breeding. Our black Arabian mares are ONLY available to Arabian, Saddlebred, NSH (National Show Horse), Andalusian, Friesian and Gypsy Vanner stallions. With first consideration going to black and black sabino or rabicano Arabian stallions.

* Our Lusitano stallion Bailador NV is available to ALL breeds of mares.

* Our Noriker draft horses are available to only Noriker, Arabian and Frieisan horses. With first consideration to black leopard spotted Norikers and black Friesians.

* It would be nice if all resulting foals must be registered with IPABRA*, AMAHA* and/or EAMA*. But not required.

* Our stallions are available world-wide (shipped semen)

* Our stallions are permitted 20 foals per year.

* Our mares are only permitted 1 (one) foal per year.

* All traditional color rules apply to our horses. Here is a neat
Coat Color Calculator that will tell you what color your resulting foal may be. A good rule of thumb is to have one parent that is the same color of the foal.

* All naming rules apply to Nirvana Valley offspring. They must be named according to the naming rules
for that particular breed.

* All our horses pedigree is derived from real parents . . . NONE of our pedigrees are made up! Many months have gone into the research for these pedigrees.

* We do accept BSO's. (As long as they recieve a body within 12 months, otherwise the breeding will be VOID)

* Please put "Bred by Nirvana Valley Arabians" on your Sire/Dam list or when showing your horse.

* All Certificates and Pedigrees are printed on quality Parchment paper.

* All of our horses names and photos are COPYRIGHTED to Nirvana Valley Arabians. Please do not use them or their photos without permission first.

* I would love to receive updates on your foals, such as breed and showing records or if it's a BSO, when it gets its body. When you send me updates on your horses, you'll receive updates on their parent(s).

* We ONLY accepts REALISTIC models for breeding.

* The secret word is "flower"

* Only 2 breeding requests at a time please. Once your requests are done and mailed, you than can request more.

* Breeding Fees :

Basic Breeding Pakage - FREE - This service gives you an e-mailed Breeding Certificate and basic 3-generation pedigree.

Premium Breeding Package - $5.00 (includes FREE advertisement of your offspring on our website, updates on the sires/dams' show and breeding record,
Breeding Certificate, a color photo of the sire or dam you choose and a 6-generation Pedigree printed on quality parchment paper. Shipping is included in the total).

* All Nirvana Valley offspring are given a number – to help us keep track and identify offspring for our records.

* You MUST ask our permission before breeding!

*IPABRA = International Pedigree Assignement and Bloodline Research Association
*AMAHA = American Model Arabian Horse Association
*EAMA = European Arabian Modelhorse Association

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