Spanish Mustangs

Silver Fawn - 2xNAN Q'd

Color: Grulla with white snip on nose. Dorsal stripe. leg barring, wither stripping, neck shadows, dark face, black ear tips.
Gender: mare
DOB: 1992
Open Years: 1996 - 2012
Sire: Chato -r grulla ( Cochise x Gray Mare)
Dam: Cahuilla -r grulla (Crane x Blue Monday)
Mold info: CM Breyer G4 WEG SM by Liz Carbine of Every Hoof Beat Studios in 2010.
NOTE: Fawn is a FULL sister to Chevotas sire Chato's Shadow -r

Silver Fawn is Homozygous for the dun factor and can only have dun or grulla foals.

.: Show Record :.
*       December 04, 2010 - Ponies for Purrs Benifit Online Show
7th CM Mustang Feral
5th Cm/AR Workmanship Dun/Grullo

·          October 30, 2010 - Tucson Mountain Live – AZ

1st 4CM Mustang - NAN card

·          October 09, 2010 - All-American Quarter Horse Congress Model Show – OH
2nd 310CM/LB Solid Color - NAN card

Stable of Honor ~ Spanish Mustangs

This section is for the Appaloosas that have passed on or have been sold, but still have breedings left available. This is a perfect way to for breeders who are looking for older blood or are just trying to get pedigrees.

Chevota - 2x NAN qualified

Color: Grulla Brindle Sabino/Overo
Homozygous for the dun factor
Breed: Colonial Spanish Mustang
Gender: Stallion
Sire: Chato's Shadow -r (Chato x Cahuilla)
Dam: Sioux Queen -r (Special Warrior x Siuox Mi)
DOB: 1998 - 2010
First Foal Crop: 2002 - 2011
Mold Info: CM Peter Stone Chips Andalusian by Diane Capwell 2006.
Sire is a grulla brindle and homozygous for the dun factor
Dam is a grulla overo

November 21st, 2009 - Crystal Creek Riders Double Judge Show - WI
5th CM Mustang (9)

September 20th, 2008 - UTMHC Pioneer Live - UT
2nd CM/AR Mini Mustang (3) NAN card

February 23rd, 2008 - Panhandle Live CM Division - TX
6th CM Mustang (7)

August 11th, 2007 - UTMHC Pioneer Classic Live - UT
1st CM/AR Mini Mustang (9) NAN card